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Two of a Kind, Episode II

Thursday, September 6th, 2007

A new line of iPods were announced and if I knew someone who bought an iPhone, I’d have a grand day making fun of the dumbass. But I still won’t buy an iPhone. It’s the iPod touch, an iPhone without the phone, that’s got me interested.

I want a small Internet device that I can bring around with me and the iPod touch sounds like a good candidate. But since I’m a Linux fanboy, I have to be impartial and say that the N800 is what I’m looking for.

Both devices are in the same price range. I still can’t decide which is better because each device has its own set of cool features.

The iPod touch has 16GB of storage, a sleek UI and multi-touch. But third party apps are very limited and Linux is not officially supported.

The N800 has a huge community support (plus a head start), it runs Linux and I can play openTTD on it. But I still have to buy two 8GB SD cards to get the same amount of storage that the iPod touch offers.

There’s also a major hold up on the N800: It’s not sold locally. It’s available at Amazon though. I’m pretty sure that the iPod touch will reach our islands before the N800 does.

Take a deep breath and think about it. Which one would you choose?

Apple diehards will only be tolerated at a certain extent. Don’t push it!

What’s the state of the nation’s telecom industry?

Tuesday, September 4th, 2007

Something is definitely messed up. I’ve been trying to call make a call from my mobile phone for the past half hour. None of the numbers I dialed pushed through. This is not the first time it happened.

My current ISP is using an overloaded transparent proxy. Our previous ISP can’t stand up to the minimum bandwidth speed.

Add the heat to the formula and you get a grumpy JP. I’m trying to setup a proxy to temporarily solve my ISP problems.

Are we doomed? What’s your ISP? Who’s your mobile phone’s provider? Are you satisfied with their services?

P.S. I’m hitching on my neighbor’s access point at the moment.

Cool GMail Feature

Monday, September 3rd, 2007

I just finished writing an email. It was the usual write, review then send. But I forgot to attach a file. This may sound like a Clippy thing but it noticed that I was supposed to attach a file.

It’s a small thing but it saved 2 minutes of my time. In case you’re worried that Google will find out that you have a mistress, this feature only happens locally in your computer (Google doesn’t read your email in this process).

Try writing “attached is” then hit send and see what happens.

Dear Innove Network Engineers

Saturday, September 1st, 2007

Find another route while waiting for Wilshire1 to go up. Setting up a transparent proxy was a stupid idea. I’m already having problems with searching at Google. Your cache is too old. You could’ve used more proxies at least.

Please have the initiative to tell the customers what the fuck is up. It took me a while to figure out what was wrong with my work.

Two of a Kind

Saturday, September 1st, 2007

My schedule’s pretty cramped nowadays and I’m having a hard time catching up with reading all the feeds I’m subscribed to. I don’t get to listen to all the audio podcasts like I used too.

To catch up with the world, I only get to watch two 10-minute tech news podcasts. To maximize the pleasure with keeping the same amount of information, they have to be delivered by the attractive women of the industry.

Natali del Conte vs Morgan Webb
Yes, I actually took the time to edit this. I’ll start working on the altar next week.

Remember Morgan Webb from TechTV/FHM? She started her own news podcast, Webb Alert. Major plus points for a chick who can frag.

My other source of news is TeXtra. It’s hosted by Natali Del Conte, a journalist for various magazines. Saw her first on Cranky Geeks and fell in love eversince.

You’ll be staring at the pretty faces half of the time because you’ve heard the news item from the other show. If I were forced to watch only one of the two, I’d choose TeXtra. Not only because I think that Natali is hotter but I think she’s a better host and content is better.

Who would you pick?